Privacy Policy

We want to make it clear, without long pages of fine printed text....

While visiting our web site you can leave your comments on some portfolio and artist related pages. You do NOT have to register with SASH GUITARS or create an account with us in order to use this feature. Therefore we do not require you to share any personal information. Please use your real name and e-mail address (it will be not shown on your post) in order for us to contact you if required.

Please be advised that all posts are subject to approval before being posted on our web site. Any posts containing offensive content, language, solicitation, or spam will NOT be posted.

Please be respectful of the artists who generously agreed to share their videos on our web site.

If any person, business, artist, or band mentioned on our web site does not agree with any way it (he /she) is presented, please contact us so we may resolve the issue.


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