About Us

"SASH GUITARS" is a custom guitar shop currently focused on development and production of unique instruments for professional guitar players, who are not completely satisfied with mass produced brands and therefore have own vision on their "ultimate" electric guitar. We are willing to work closely with a client and can guarantee his satisfaction.

SASH GUITARS has developed a new concept of internal structure of the electric guitar body which is totally different from any known solid body, chambered, hollow body, or semi-accoustic guitar constructions. Our unique guitar body design is based on original idea on improvement of resonant interaction between strings and tone wood. This approach allows to significantly increase sustain, acoustic responsiveness, and tonal qualities of SASH guitars, that can be immediately appreciated with a first strum of a chord, even (and especially) on unplugged instrument.

We invite performing artists and serious collectors to test our existing prototypes and discuss a possible project on their "very own" signature models.

All details will be provided during personal meetings.


This project has been started just a few years ago by Sash, who had an internationally recognized scientific carrier in the past and decided to combine his knowledge in physics and industrial design with his passion of playing and collecting multiple music instruments for over 40 years.


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SASH Guitars team.