SASH guitars on stage

  • Amazing slide solo on guitar: Video

    Amazing slide solo on guitar: Video

    Another amazing slide guitar solo of Hypnotizin' Boogie by Wayne! Sorry for the low sound quality. This video was recorded on cell phone. Nevertheless we…


  • Wayne deadder testing SASH guitars:PHOTOS

    Wayne deadder testing SASH guitars:PHOTO

    In these photographs Wayne DeAdder is seen testing our "LOLITA" guitar, among other available models. After two hours of playing SASH guitars through different amps his response was:…


  • Wayne DeAdder performance: Video

    Wayne DeAdder performance: Video

    This is 13 minutes of high quality video showing highlights of "Project 360" performance at their best! Enjoy the close up view of Wayne…


  • Band “Project 360” live: 3D

    Band “Project 360” live: 3D

    This is a high quality video stream of the original 3D HD footage shot during a "Project 360" performance in Oakville in May 2015. You can watch…


  • First public appearance of SASH guitar: Video

    First public appearance of SASH guitar:

    Wayne was surprised as we brought his signature model to the performance. This was presented to the public for the first time during a "Project 360"…


  • Hypnotizin’ Boogie: Video

    Hypnotizin’ Boogie: Video

    Amazing slide guitar solo by Wayne DeAdder performing David Wilcox' "That Hypnotizing Boogie" song. Exceptional sustain of the body structure made this guitar his #1 choice for this…